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About Vision Aerial

We’ve been focused on providing affordable, innovative multicopter drones since 2013.

Our first product, the SwitchBlade, is a three rotor tri-copter. With superior payload capacity, flight time, speed and transportability, the SwitchBlade breaks the mold set by the more common quad-copter layout. The SwitchBlade-Elite’s specifications and feature set are better than any multicopter in its price range by a very large margin. The SwitchBlade has won several awards, including Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New 2014.” The editor-in-chief of Popular Science, Cliff Ransom, refers to the winners of the award as “revolutionary in their respective fields.”

The Vector is a hexacopter drone with outstanding payload capacity, flight times and flight characteristics. It was built to carry large imaging payloads for the search and rescue, cinematography, precision agriculture and inspection markets. It is extraordinarily stable and takes advantage of the latest technology to provide an easy, reliable and fun operator experience.

Deeply passionate about flight and creating products of exceptional quality, Vision Aerial’s ethos is simply to enrich the lives of the pilots who choose our products. This is accomplished in part through the use of lean manufacturing principals like continuous improvement, a focus on value and the elimination of waste to name a few. As avid pilots our team strives to stay closely in touch with the ever evolving needs of the UAV industry.

Stunning Performance

Vision Aerial drones perform better than any other UAV in their class, always. We over-engineer and perform thousands of hours of internal research every year.

Original Design

At Vision Aerial, we don’t follow the status quo, we set the bar for others to aim for.


All Vision Aerial products are designed with user experience and simplicity in mind.

Leading Features

Autonomous flight, safety, simple controls and so much more. We’re leading the way in feature set for our customers.

Rapid Repairs

We get it, crashes can happen, even to the most competent pilots and the easiest to fly drones. If you find yourself needing a repair, it’ll be fast and fairly priced.

Friendly Support

At Vision Aerial, we’re not interested in just selling you a drone and wishing you well. We’re here to help when you need it and just a phone call or email away.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret…

There’s no reason to spend $100,000 + on a professional drone. We’re here to disrupt the commercial drone industry and we’re starting by not being greedy. At Vision Aerial, you’ll get the performance you need and the support you deserve at a price that will make smile.

Custom drone development

Vision Aerial is exceptionally well positioned to provide custom drone development either as a service or in partnership with an organization with unique needs in the market.

Have an exciting project in mind? We’d love to hear about it. Contact us and our expert engineering team will cook up a UAV that will amaze you.

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