Drone Applications

Reshaping Industries

Unmanned aerial vehicles are causing paradigm shifts in many industries, leading to dramatic cost savings, improved accuracy and faster response times.

Business Solutions

With fleet pricing, on-site training, responsive support and more professional services, Vision Aerial is your partner in unmanned aerial vehicles.

5-Star Support

We have dedicated, knowledgeable customer support staff ready to help you solve any problem. Need additional training or on-site support? We can do that.

The applications for drones are ever-expanding and they’re adding efficiency and value to virtually every industry. Have an application in mind and don’t see it listed? We’re happy to chat.

Deploy. Measure. Deliver.

Reduce Costs

Drone-based flight has a number of distinct advantages over manned aviation but the most apparent is cost. Our customers commonly see costs reduced to 1/10 of that of manned aviation.

Improve Results

Need to get a closer look at a suspected issue? That’s easy. How about a precise measurement on a job site? Done. Virtually any sensor you need and a totally reliable flight platform, from Vision Aerial.

Save Time

Imagine being able to deploy an eye in the sky in under 30 seconds, get your answer and move on. That’s what we provide.

Featured Drone Applications

Two UAV platforms, ready to perform beyond your expectations.

Learn about the SwitchBlade-Elite

Fast – Over 100 kph (60 mph)
Capable – Over 2.3 kg (5 lb) Payload
Persistent – Up to 30 Minute Flights
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Learn about the Vector

Redundant – Six Motors and Dual GPS
Powerful – Up to 5 kg (11 lb) Payload
Endurance – 40+ Minute Flights
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Capable Plaforms

Vision Aerial drones feature super long flight times with best in class payload capacity. You’ll have the power to get your job done.

Easy Flight

Short training times and stable drones means your operators will be confident in their ability to execute the mission perfectly.

Rapidly Deployable

All Vision Aerial drones are foldable so they’re easy to transport and can go from case to flight in under 30 seconds.

Quality Payloads

Thermal vision systems, multispectral cameras, LIDAR, radar, sonar and much more. We integrate with all the best payloads on the market.

We provide drones for Utility Inspection;Environmental Research;Precision Agriculture;Infrastructure Inspection;Cinematography;Construction Sites;Mining;Surveying;


We want to work with you to deliver the results you need and solve your problems.