Drones for Environmental and Research Applications

What if you could monitor an elk herd from 400 ft with virtually no hourly expense? What about measure the volume of lava in a volcano with thermal video of the cone, all totally autonomously? That’s what Vision Aerial provides.

Affordable, reliable data collection.

Drones are being deployed all over the world for a broad variety of environmental and research initiatives. From monitoring volcanoes to surveying elephant herds and even protecting them from poachers, drones are picking up where people leave off and providing access to data that was previously unreachable or prohibitively expensive.

Easily transportable UAV platforms.

Foldable and rapidly deployable (under 30 seconds)
Light weight, rugged design
Easy to stow travel cases
Totally field repairable

Aerial Views, Affordably

Your project can now leverage the power of UAVs more affordably than ever with Vision Aerial. With super flexible payload options, including stabilized gimbals and open-source software, you’ll be able to get exactly what you need.

Visual, Infrared, Ultraviolet and Hyperspectral Imagers Available
Radar, LIDAR and Sonar
Mounting Points and Rails for any Other Payload

Delivering Excellence in Environmental Research

We are passionate about driving the drone inspection industry toward better, cheaper and faster results.

Take to new heights in your environmental and research projects with Vision Aerial!

Custom Drone Development

In need of a research drone but don’t see one that fits your needs?

Vision Aerial can undertake custom design projects, delivering exactly the drone you require on a budget you can afford.

Our world-class in-house design expertise is capable of prototyping extremely quickly, letting you get to get to work and enjoy a return on investment faster than any other company. Most projects can have flying prototypes within two months and a production-ready version within six months.

Let’s Build a Flying Robot.

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