Drones for Law Enforcement, Fire and Search and Rescue

What if you could have both aerial thermal and visual imagery in seconds, unprecedented situational awareness and the ability to autonomously observe for up to one hour. That’s what Vision Aerial provides.

Rapid deployment.

Drones (also known as Unmanned Aerial Systems or UAS), are revolutionizing the way law enforcement, fire departments and search and rescue personnel function. Vision Aerial drones can go from case to flying and providing invaluable situational awareness in under 30 seconds. With up to one hour of flight time and rapidly swappable battery packs, you’ll have eyes on your subject quickly and reliably.

Easily transportable.

Vision Aerial drones fold up into a small, convenient case. They’ll easily fit in a trunk, standard vehicle cab or on a 4-wheeler (including all their accessories). Never has such a capable UAV been in such a small package.

Quantify and Model Spill Flows
Determine Spill Origin
Increased Situational Awareness for Better Decisions and More Accurate Containment
Multiple Imaging Payloads Available

See Everything

When you’ve got lives on the line, you need a UAV that will perform as expected, every time. Vision Aerial is an American company with a pedigree of excellence in law enforcement, search and rescue as well as fire fighting operations. With the most flexible payload mounting option in the industry, you’ll be able to deploy any camera or sensor package you need.

Stabilized Visual and Infrared Live Video with up to 10 Miles of Range
Super Accurate GPS and Autonomous Search Capability
Loiter Above a Target with Secure Live Video Transmitted the Whole Time

Delivering Excellence for Critical Missions

We are passionate about driving the drone inspection industry toward better, cheaper and faster results.

Join us in deploying American built technology that solves real problems.

Custom Drone Development

In need of a surveillance drone but don’t see one that fits your needs?

Vision Aerial can undertake custom design projects, delivering exactly the drone you require on a budget you can afford.

Our world-class in-house design expertise is capable of prototyping extremely quickly, letting you get to get to work and enjoy a return on investment faster than any other company. Most projects can have flying prototypes within two months and a production-ready version within six months.

Let’s Build a Flying Robot.

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