Drones for Mining, Construction and Surveying

What if you could have daily autonomous status videos of your job site? Now add in ultra-precise mapping with complete volumetric analysis, all without any user input. That’s what Vision Aerial provides.

Automatically perform volumetric calculations.

Using our specialized drone software and several sensors, you’ll be able to turn something that used to take hours into seconds. Find out how much earth was moved day to day, measure piles on the fly and keep an eagle eye on your whole operation. You can even automate your flight paths using super simple tablet or computer driven software.

Better project oversight.

Autonomous timed and on-demand flights with manual flight interruptability
Simple status updates for management
Persistent video records of progress
Inspect anything in seconds

Be the Hero your company needs.

You can save money, be more efficient, make your job easier and look like a hero to your manager. Vision Aerial drones provide a simple to use, rapidly deployable and precise way to keep your eyes on what needs to be measured.

Wide variety of imaging and sensor packages including visual, infrared, hyperspectral, LIDAR, sonar and radar.
Safe, affordable, easy to fly and up to one hour flight times.
American built with American support available when you need it.

Precision Measurement in a Small Package

Surveying a site, inspecting the latest floor of a skyscraper and measuring the volume of a resource pile has never been this fast or easy.

Join us in making job sites more efficient.

Custom Drone Development

In need of a professional drone but don’t see one that fits your needs?

Vision Aerial can undertake custom design projects, delivering exactly the drone you require on a budget you can afford.

Our world-class in-house design expertise is capable of prototyping extremely quickly, letting you get to get to work and enjoy a return on investment faster than any other company. Most projects can have flying prototypes within two months and a production-ready version within six months.

Let’s Build a Flying Robot.

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