Drones for Precision Agriculture

What if you could have daily autonomous reports on crop height, moisture levels, crop health and even volumetric analysis of stockpiles? That’s what Vision Aerial provides.

Agriculture looks totally different with Vision Aerial.

Stop guessing about your crops and know. You can easily automate daily measurements of a wide variety of critical agricultural metrics, allowing you to see trends, control experiments and see problems before they spread. You’ve never farmed like you will with data from a Vision Aerial drone.


Easily set automated flight paths and fly them as often as you like.


Autonomously collect data from any sensor or imaging payload you need.


Rapidly respond to changing conditions using precise information.

Data driven decisions.

Crop Height and Growth Rates
Moisture Content and Snow Depth
Chlorophyll Content and Crop Health
Precision Disease and Insect Mitigation

See the Invisible

Vision Aerial has experience with a multitude of imaging packages. If you have a question about your application, we’re happy to help in recommending a payload or connect you with the technical help you need to make a decision.

Multiple Varieties of Hyperspectral Imagers
Infrared, Ultraviolet and Visual Cameras
Radar, Lidar and Sonar

Driving Excellence in Agriculture

We are passionate about driving the world’s food growers toward higher efficiency and higher outputs at a lower cost.

Join the new standard in precision agriculture with Vision Aerial!

Custom Drone Development

In need of an inspection drone but don’t see one that fits your needs?

Vision Aerial can undertake custom design projects, delivering exactly the drone you require on a budget you can afford.

Our world-class in-house design expertise is capable of prototyping extremely quickly, letting you get to get to work and enjoy a return on investment faster than any other company. Most projects can have flying prototypes within two months and a production-ready version within six months.

Let’s Build a Flying Robot.

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