Drones for Utility and Power Generation Inspection

What if you could inspect critical infrastructure faster, more accurately and with dramatically less liability exposure, all while retaining a persistent record of inspections? That’s what Vision Aerial provides.

This is the old way of doing things.

The days of sending a man to dangle from a cable to inspect equipment or infrastructure are gone. It was slow, expensive, imprecise, dangerous and didn’t allow for any record of the inspection outside of manual photos and reports.

We can do better.

Easy autonomous flights as often as you like.
High resolution infrared, hyperspectral or visual imagery.
Rapidly deployable at far less liability exposure.
Dramatic cost savings and improved accuracy.

Easy to use. Never in the way.

What could be be worse than another tool that’s supposed to add value but ends up just slowing you down. Vision Aerial drones are easy to fly, reliable and safe. You could shave 80% off your inspection times with better accuracy.

See the Invisible

With flexible payload decks and plenty of lift power, Vision Aerial drones are ready to show you things you’ve never seen before. Simultaneously carry multiple sensors and imaging solutions including:

Visual, Infrared, Ultraviolet and Hyperspectral Imagers
Radar, Lidar and Sonar

Driving Better, Cheaper, Faster Utility and Infrastructure Inspections

We are passionate about modernizing critical inspections.

Join the new standard in utility inspection with Vision Aerial!

Custom Drone Development

In need of an inspection drone but don’t see one that fits your needs?

Vision Aerial can undertake custom design projects, delivering exactly the drone you require on a budget you can afford.

Our world-class in-house design expertise is capable of prototyping extremely quickly, letting you get to get to work and enjoy a return on investment faster than any other company. Most projects can have flying prototypes within two months and a production-ready version within six months.

Let’s Build a Flying Robot.

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