We Donated Aerial Videography to Bozeman Sunrise Rotary’s Fix Up Festival

Vision Aerial recently donated a day of aerial photography and videography services to the Bozeman Sunrise Rotary’s Fix Up Festival. This annual event provides free home repairs to area residents in need. This year, twelve residents throughout the Bozeman, Four Corners and Belgrade area were chosen for a wide variety of projects. Some of these included rebuilding decks, fixing roofs,

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Are Drones Good for Aerial Mapping?

Aerial mapping using drones is an exciting application area that allows for high resolution, high accuracy maps and 3D models to be created from drone-based sensors and cameras. Simply put, there are several factors that are important for aerial mapping; these include stability, autonomous flight, payload flexibility and long flight times. Aerial maps and models typically consist of thousands of images taken

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FAA Releases Commercial Drone Rules (Part 107)

Finally! The Federal Aviation Administration, which is the governing body for all things airborne in the United States, has released their final rules for the commercial operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in U.S. airspace. We’ve been waiting for this moment for quite a few years and now that it’s here, we’ve got to say that we’re really quite happy

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Benefits of a Tri-Rotor Drone

  At Vision Aerial, we’re in love with tri-rotor aircraft. This was not a random decision or a way to just be different in an industry dominated by quad-rotor drones. During a trip around the country prior to founding Vision Aerial, our founder Shane Beams, took a totally objective look at what makes a great drone. He built many different

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Vision Aerial Exhibits at International Drone Expo

Vision Aerial recently returned from exhibiting at the International Drone Expo in Los Angeles, CA. We debuted the new SwitchBlade-Elite tricopter drone and the new Helium Gimbal which carries both a GoPro Hero 3 or 4 and a FLIR Vue infrared camera. Both products were created with the needs of infrastructure, municipal and energy asset inspectors in mind. They are

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Vision Aerial interviewed by Tech Biz Geeks at the Drone Expo

While exhibiting at the Drone Expo at the LA Sports Arena in 2015, we got the opportunity to be interviewed by Tech Biz Geeks. Check it out!


Vision Aerial Featured in Bozeman Chronicle Regarding MT HB 593 Legislation

Montana legislator Jeff Essmann proposed House Bill 593 that generally speaking would: Require state registration of all drones, recreational and otherwise Require flight training by a state institution with an issued license Require the pilot to be at least 15 years old Ban all aerial images without consent of persons and property in the image Link to original Bozeman Chronicle article

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The FAA has Released Proposed Drone Rules

  The Federal Aviation Administration, which has been tasked with creating a legal framework for drones to operate within, has just released its draft rules. Check out the full text here: What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


FAA allows commercial use of drones for Real Estate & Agriculture photography

The FAA has decided to allow drone use by commercial real estate and agriculture operators! This is big news. Check out the full story here:


Vision Aerial Interview at the LA Drone Expo

Vision Aerial was interviewed at the Los Angeles Drone Expo! Check out our founder, Shane Beams, talking about the SwitchBlade and all it’s great features. Thanks to Skip Fredricks from Drone Pilot News for putting up this interview.